Year Winning band Conductor Draw Points
2019 Cory Philip Harper 13 flag
Titan's Progress (Hermann Pallhuber)
2018 Foden's Russell Gray 8 flag
Handel in the Band (Kenneth Downie)
2017 Brighouse & Rastrick Professor David King 20 flag
Gallery (Howard Snell)
2016 Cory Philip Harper 9 flag
Journey of the Lone Wolf (Simon Dobson)
2015 Cory Philip Harper 9 flag
Spiriti (Thomas Doss)
2014 Black Dyke Professor Nicholas J Childs 20 flag
The Legend of King Arthur (Peter Meechan)
2013 Cory Philip Harper 13 flag
Of Distant Memories (Music in an Olden Style) (Edward Gregson)
2012 Foden's Allan Withington 17 flag
Daphnis et Chloé (Second Suite) (Maurice Ravel arr Howard Snell)
2011 Brighouse & Rastrick Professor David King 16 flag
Breath of Souls (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
2010 Brighouse & Rastrick Professor David King 15 flag
Terra Australis (Martin Ellerby)
2009 Black Dyke Dr Nicholas J Childs 5 flag
The Torchbearer - Symphonic Variations on a theme by Eric Ball (Peter Graham)
2008 Black Dyke Dr Nicholas J Childs 11 198 flag
Concertino for Brass Band (Kenneth Downie)
2007 Grimethorpe Colliery Allan Withington 18 198 flag
Music for Battle Creek (Philip Sparke)
2006 Grimethorpe Colliery (UK Coal) Allan Withington 16 196 flag
Les Francs-Juges (Hector Berlioz arr Frank Wright)
2005 Leyland Russell Gray 5 198 flag
Eden (Dr John Pickard)
2004 Black Dyke Dr Nicholas J Childs 11 197 flag
...all the flowers of the mountain... (Michael Ball)
2003 Fairey FP (Music) Allan Withington 19 197 flag
Theme and Eight Variations from the Enigma (Edward Elgar arr Eric Ball)
2002 Williams Fairey Allan Withington 14 198 flag
Masquerade (Philip Wilby)
2001 Black Dyke Nicholas J Childs 12 198 flag
Albion (Jan Van der Roost)
2000 Buy As You View Cory Robert Childs 12 198 flag
Harrison's Dream (Peter Graham)
1999 Fodens (Courtois) Nicholas J Childs 5 197 flag
Concerto No 1 for Brass Band (Derek Bourgeois)
1998 Brighouse & Rastrick Allan Withington 14 197 flag
Between the Moon and Mexico (Philip Sparke)
1997 Brighouse & Rastrick Allan Withington 6 197 flag
On Alderley Edge (Peter Graham)
1996 CWS (Glasgow) Howard Snell 18 195 flag
Isaiah 40 (Robert Redhead)
1995 Black Dyke Mills James Watson 17 194 flag
Songs for BL (Elgar Howarth)
1994 Black Dyke Mills James Watson 19 98 flag
Theme and Cooperation (Joseph Horovitz)
1993 Williams Fairey Engineering Major Peter Parkes 9 96 flag
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Derek Bourgeois)
1992 Grimethorpe Colliery Frank Renton 17 99 flag
The New Jerusalem (Philip Wilby)
1991 Desford Colliery Caterpillar James Watson 3 197 flag
Energy (Robert Simpson)
1990 CWS (Glasgow) John Hudson 20 196 flag
English Heritage (George Lloyd)
1989 Desford Colliery Caterpillar James Watson 14 197 flag
Odin, from the land of fire and ice, Op 76 (Arthur Butterworth)
1988 Desford Colliery Dowty James Watson 11 198 flag
Seascapes (Ray Steadman-Allen)
1987 Desford Colliery Dowty James Watson 18 197 flag
Harmony Music (Philip Sparke)
1986 Fairey Engineering Roy Newsome 12 195 flag
Diversions for Brass Band (Derek Bourgeois)
1985 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 17 195 flag
Cloudcatcher Fells (John McCabe)
1984 Cory Major Arthur Kenney 14 197 flag
Dances and Arias (Edward Gregson)
1983 Cory Major Arthur Kenney 9 197 flag
Ballet for Band (Joseph Horovitz)
1982 Cory Major Arthur Kenney 17 194 flag
Contest Music (Wilfred Heaton)
1981 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 6 190 flag
Blitz (Derek Bourgeois)
1980 Brighouse & Rastrick Derek Broadbent 19 194 flag
Carnival Overture (Anton Dvorak arr Geoffrey Brand)
1979 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 13 190 flag
Volcano (Robert Simpson)
1978 Yorkshire Imperial Metals Denis Carr 9 194 flag
Four Dances from Checkmate (Sir Arthur Bliss arr Eric Ball)
1977 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 19 198 flag
Connotations (Edward Gregson)
1976 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 15 188 flag
Sinfonietta - The Wayfarer (Eric Ball)
1975 Black Dyke Mills Major Peter Parkes 8 195 flag
Un Vie de Matelot (Robert Farnon)
1974 Cory Major Arthur Kenney 15 192 flag
Fantasy for Brass Band, Op 114a (Malcolm Arnold)
1973 Brighouse & Rastrick James Scott 7 93 flag
Freedom (Hubert Bath)
1972 Black Dyke Mills Geoffrey Brand 7 96 flag
A Kensington Concerto (Eric Ball)
1971 Wingates Temperance Denis Smith 16 94 flag
Le Roi d'Ys (Edouard Lalo arr Frank Wright)
1970 Grimethorpe Colliery George Thompson 12 95 flag
Pride of Youth (Gordon Jacob)
1969 Brighouse & Rastrick Walter Hargreaves 11 194 flag
High Peak (Eric Ball)
1968 Brighouse & Rastrick Walter Hargreaves 8 193 flag
Prelude to 'The Mastersingers' (Richard Wagner arr Frank Wright)
1967 Black Dyke Mills Geoffrey Brand 9 194 flag
Journey Into Freedom (Eric Ball)
1966 GUS (Footwear) Stanley Boddington 19 191 flag
Le Carnaval Romain (Hector Berlioz arr Frank Wright)
1965 Fairey Leonard Lamb 17 195 flag
Triumphant Rhapsody (Gilbert Vinter)
1964 GUS (Footwear) Stanley Boddington 14 193 flag
Variations on a Ninth (Gilbert Vinter)
1963 CWS (Manchester) Alex Mortimer 12 193 flag
The Belmont Variations (Sir Arthur Bliss arr Frank Wright)
1962 CWS (Manchester) Alex Mortimer 23 195 flag
La Forza del Destino (Guiseppe Verdi arr Frank Wright)
1961 Black Dyke Mills Major George H Willcocks 13 193 flag
Les Francs-Juges (Hector Berlioz arr Frank Wright)
1960 Munn & Felton's (Footwear) Stanley Boddington 20 196 flag
Three Figures (Herbert Howells)
1959 Black Dyke Mills Major George H Willcocks 19 193 flag
Le Roi d'Ys (Edouard Lalo arr Frank Wright)
1958 Fodens Motor Works Rex Mortimer 17 193 flag
Variations on the Shining River (Edmund Rubbra arr Frank Wright)
1957 Munn & Felton's Works Stanley Boddington 20 193 flag
Variations for Brass Band (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
1956 Fairey Aviation Works Major George H Willcocks 15 194 flag
Festival Music (Eric Ball)
1955 Munn & Felton's Works Harry Mortimer 19 190 flag
Blackfriars (Edric Cundell arr Frank Wright)
1954 Fairey Aviation Works Harry Mortimer 6 192 flag
Sovereign Heritage (Jack Beaver arr Frank Wright)
1953 Fodens Motor Works Harry Mortimer 10 190 flag
Diadem of Gold (ouverture caracteristique)  (Guillaume Balay arr Frank Wright)
1952 Fairey Aviation Works Harry Mortimer 5 188 flag
The Frogs of Aristophanes (Granville Bantock arr Frank Wright)
1951 Black Dyke Mills Alex Mortimer 13 195 flag
An Epic Symphony (Percy Fletcher)
1950 Fodens Motor Works Harry Mortimer 15 198 flag
Pageantry (Herbert Howells)
1949 Black Dyke Mills Harry Mortimer 9 194 flag
Comedy Overture (John Ireland)
1948 Black Dyke Mills Harry Mortimer 12 195 flag
On the Cornish Coast (Henry Geehl)
1947 Black Dyke Mills Harry Mortimer 15 194 flag
Freedom (Hubert Bath)
1946 Brighouse & Rastrick Eric Ball 13 192 flag
Oliver Cromwell (Henry Geehl)
1945 Fairey Aviation Works Harry Mortimer 6 180 flag
Overture for an Epic Occasion (Dr Denis Wright)
1938 Fodens Motor Works Fred Mortimer 15 flag
An Epic Symphony (Percy Fletcher)
1937 Fodens Motor Works Fred Mortimer 18 flag
Pageantry (Herbert Howells)
1936 Fodens Motor Works Fred Mortimer 18 flag
Kenilworth (Sir Arthur Bliss)
1935 Munn & Felton's Works William Halliwell 10 flag
Pride of Race (Kenneth Wright)
1934 Fodens Motor Works Fred Mortimer 10 flag
Comedy Overture (John Ireland)
1933 Fodens Motor Works Fred Mortimer 23 flag
Prometheus Unbound (Granville Bantock)
1932 Fodens Motor Works Fred Mortimer 4 flag
A Downland Suite (John Ireland)
1931 Wingates Temperance Harold Moss 22 flag
Honour and Glory (Hubert Bath)
1930 Fodens Motor Works Fred Mortimer 14 flag
The Severn Suite (Edward Elgar arr Henry Geehl)
1929 Carlisle St Stephen's William Lowes 10 flag
Victory (Cyril Jenkins)
1928 Black Dyke Mills William Halliwell 4 flag
A Moorside Suite (Gustav Holst)
1927 Carlisle St Stephen's William Lowes 8 flag
The White Rider (Dr Denis Wright)
1926 St Hilda Colliery William Halliwell 7 flag
An Epic Symphony (Percy Fletcher)
1925 Marsden Colliery John A Greenwood 4 flag
Joan of Arc (Dr Denis Wright)
1924 St Hilda Colliery William Halliwell 16 flag
On the Cornish Coast (Henry Geehl)
1923 Luton Red Cross William Halliwell 6 flag
Oliver Cromwell (Henry Geehl)
1922 Horwich RMI John A Greenwood 8 flag
Freedom (Hubert Bath)
1921 St Hilda Colliery William Halliwell 9 flag
Life Divine (Cyril Jenkins)
1920 St Hilda Colliery William Halliwell 10 flag
Coriolanus (Cyril Jenkins)
1913 Irwell Springs William Halliwell 5 flag
Labour and Love (Percy Fletcher)
1912 St Hilda Colliery William Halliwell 18 flag
William Tell (Gioachino Rossini arr William Rimmer)
1911 Perfection Soap Works William Halliwell 15 flag
Les Huguenots (Giacomo Meyerbeer arr William Rimmer)
1910 Fodens Motor Works William Halliwell 2 flag
Gems of Schubert (  arr William Rimmer)
1909 Shaw William Rimmer 16 flag
Der Fliegende Holländer (Richard Wagner arr Charles Godfrey)
1908 Irwell Springs William Rimmer 3 flag
Rienzi (Richard Wagner arr Samuel Cope)
1907 Wingates Temperance William Rimmer 11 flag
Gems of Schumann (  arr W Short)
1906 Wingates Temperance William Rimmer 11 flag
Gems of Chopin (  arr W Short)
1905 Irwell Springs William Rimmer 17 flag
Roland à Roncevaux (Auguste Mermet arr ? Renault)
1904 Hebburn Colliery Angus Holden 15 flag
Mendelssohn's Grand Selection (  arr Charles Godfrey)
1903 Besses o' th' Barn Alexander Owen 7 135 flag
Die Meistersinger (Richard Wagner arr F C Shipley-Douglas)
1902 Black Dyke Mills John Gladney 18 140 flag
Hiawatha (Coleridge Taylor arr Charles Godfrey)
1901 Lee Mount William Swingler 3 127 flag
Gems of Sullivan's Operas No 3 (  arr James Ord Hume)
1900 Denton Original Alexander Owen 8 flag
Gems of Sullivan's Operas No 1 (  arr James Ord Hume)