National Championship (Ch section)

Date: 9 Oct 1971
Venue: Royal Albert Hall, London
Adjudicator(s): Eric Ball, Lt Col Rodney Bashford, Havelock Nelson
Test piece: Le Roi d'Ys (Edouard Lalo arr Frank Wright)

Pos Band Conductor Draw Points
1 Wingates Temperance Denis Smith 16 94 Flag
2 City of Coventry Albert Chappell 14 92 Flag
3 Cory Major H Arthur Kenney 12 90 Flag
4 Hendon Don Morrison 5 87 Flag
Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Robert Oughton 4 Flag
Cinderford Cecil L Chappell 8 Flag
Dawdon Lodge Stan H McDonald 9 Flag
Excelsior Ropes Works Haydn White 10 Flag
Luton Albert Coupe 15 Flag
Mirrlees Works Jack Atherton 7 Flag
Newhall Ernest Woodhouse 1 Flag
Patchogue Plymouth Jack Nightingale 17 Flag
Ransome, Hoffman & Pollard Dennis Masters 11 Flag
Scottish CWS Geoffrey Whitham 13 Flag
St Dennis Eddie J Williams 6 Flag
Whitburn Burgh Alex Fleming 3 Flag
Yorkshire Imperial Metals Trevor Walmsley 2 Flag

Seven leading bands played in the separate World Championship held on the same day.  Link here.