US Open

Date: 10 Nov 2018
Venue: Norris Cultural Arts Center, St Charles, Illinois
Adjudicator(s): Jonathan Corry, LTC Thomas Palmatier

Pos Band Conductor Draw Music Ent Total
1 Arkansas Musicworks Brass Band Tim Hendrix 192 43 235
2 Dublin Silver Band Dr Timothy Jameson 188 45 233
3 Milwaukee Festival Brass Dr Patricia Backhaus 181 38 219
4 Prairie Brass Band Dallas Niermeyer 175 17 192

Most entertaining band: Dublin Silver Band
Best featured brass soloist: ?
Best performance of a march (Roy Newsome Memorial Award): Prairie Brass Band (playing Cornish Cavalier)
Best new composition or arrangement: Heat of the Day (arr Josh Jameson) (played by Dublin Silver Band)
Most outstanding percussion section: Milwaukee Festival Brass

Links to live performances:

Arkansas Musicworks Brass Band

Dublin Silver Band

Milwaukee Festival Brass

Prairie Brass Band