Year Winning band Conductor Draw Points
2024 Fountain City Youth Brass Academy Dr Lee Harrelson 6/ 84.72
The Unfortunate Traveller (Imogen Holst)
Fearless (Andrew Wainwright)
2023 Jacksonville State University Brass Band Dr Casey Thomas 3/ 91.50
Sinfonietta No 4 (Etienne Crausaz)
Images for Brass (Stephen Bulla)
2022 Triangle Brass Band Tony Granados 4 94.92
Epainos (Joel Collier)
The Raid (Oliver Waespi)
2019 Old Crown Brass Band T J Faur 2/ 282.20
Chorale and Toccata (Stephen Bulla)
The Saga of Haakon the Good (Philip Sparke)
2018 Triangle Brass Band Tony Granados 2/ 288.00
Lake of the Moon (Kevin Houben)
The Kingdom of Dragons (Philip Harper)
2017 Milwaukee Festival Brass Dr Patricia Backhaus 5/ 278.00
Dimensions (Peter Graham)
Fanfares and Love Songs (Gavin Higgins)
2016 Milwaukee Festival Brass Mark A Taylor 1/ 273.60
The Graces of Love (Oliver Waespi)
The Saga of Tyrfing (Jacob Vilhelm Larsen)
2015 Chapel Brass Band Dr Keith Wilkinson 1/ 277.30
Dancing in the Park (Peter Graham)
Saint-Saëns Variations (Philip Sparke)
2014 Fountain City Youth Brass Academy Dr Helen Harrelson 95.20
Partita (Edward Gregson)
Prelude on 'Tallis' (Peter Graham)
2013 Chapel Brass Band Dr Keith Wilkinson 282.40
Saint-Saëns Variations (Philip Sparke)
The Dark Side of the Moon (Paul Lovatt-Cooper)
2012 Bend in the River Brass Band Faril Bunner 2/ 274.40
Jubilus! (Jan Van der Roost)
Four Spanish Impressions (Rodney Newton)
2011 Capital City Brass Band Dr Kenneth Kroesche 1/ 261.00
Haydock Variations (Stuart Pullen)
Resurgam (Eric Ball)