North American Championship (Ch section)

Date: 24 Apr 1999
Venue: Ballroom, Pheasant Run Resort, St Charles, Illinois
Adjudicator(s): Bram Gregson, William Himes, Steve Sykes
Test piece: Isaiah 40 (Robert Redhead)

Pos Band Conductor Test Piece Own Choice Total
Draw Points Pos Draw Points Pos points
1 Brass Band of Columbus Dr Paul Droste 276.0
2 Eastern Iowa Brass Band John de Salme 262.0
English Heritage (George Lloyd)
3 Atlantic Brass Band Salvatore Scarpa 260.4
A Lowry Sketchbook (Philip Wilby)
4 Sheldon Theatre Brass Band W Larry Brentzel 253.0
Earth, Fire, Water - Incantation (Stephen Bulla)
5 Central Ohio Brass Band Les Susi 243.2

Illinois Brass Band ineligible to compete having won in 1996, 1997 and 1998

Total points calculated as 60% of Set Piece points plus 40% of Own Choice points

Single draw format with bands playing all items consecutively

Two bands elected not to play an own choice 'test piece' as part of their programme:

Brass Band of Columbus played Adagio for Strings (Barber arr Gordon), Fest Musik der Stadt Wien (Strauss arr Banks) and Molly on the Shore (Grainger arr Snell)
Central Ohio Brass Band played La Forza Del Destino (Verdi arr F Wright) and Salute to Youth, 3rd movt (Vinter)