Euro Brass (B group)

Date: 8 Jun 2013
Venue: De Lawei Theatre, Drachten, Netherlands
Adjudicator(s): Russell Gray, Danny Oosterman

Pos Band Conductor Draw Points
1 Brass Band Heman Anne van den Berg 3 93 Flag
Chivalry (Martin Ellerby)
2 Brass Band de Douai Olivier Dégardin 4 91 Flag
English Heritage (George Lloyd)
3 Brass Band De Bazuin Oenkerk B Bienze IJlstra 2 89 Flag
The Saga of Haakon the Good (Philip Sparke)
4 Brass Band Excelsior (Zalk)   1 87 Flag
English Heritage (George Lloyd)

Each band played a programme including an own-choice march, an own choice test piece, and a solo or group feature

Best performance of own-choice march: De Bazuin B (playing The Titan (Langford))

Best soloist: Martijn Werkman (trombone, Brass Band Heman) (playing Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern arr van der Woude))

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