Richard Evans - the King of Entertainment

21 Nov 2011

At this year's Brass in Concert, Richard Evans further cemented his unofficial title of 'King of Entertainment' by conducting the winning performance for the 9th time.  However, Mr Evans has an even greater claim on the title 'Master of the March' as this year he won the march prize for the 12th time in his 22 appearances since the prize was introduced in 1985.


The complete list of winners is as follows:


1985  Richard Evans        Leyland                  Army of the Nile

1986  David James          Grimethorpe              Stars and Stripes Forever

1987  Richard Evans(2)     Leyland(2)               Imperial Echoes

1988  Frank Renton         Grimethorpe(2)           Florentiner

1989  Tom Brevik           Manger Musikklag         Punchinello

1990  Geoffrey Whitham     Hammonds                 Marche Lorraine

1991  Richard Evans(3)     Leyland(3)               The Wizard

1992  Richard Evans(4)     Leyland(4)               Wellington

1993  Richard Evans(5)     Leyland(5)               On the Quarter Deck

1994  Mark Bentham         Ever Ready               Marche Lorraine(2)

1995  Garry Cutt           Grimethorpe(3)           Barnum & Bailey's Favourite

1996  David King           YBS(2)                   The Padstow Lifeboat

1997  Richard Evans(6)     Leyland(6)               Shield of Liberty

1998  Richard Evans(7)     Leyland(7)               Pride of the Wolverines

1999  Phillip McCann       Whitburn                 March from Jazz Suite No 2 (Shostakovich)

2000  Gareth Pritchard     Besses o' th' Barn       Around the World

2001  Richard Evans(8)     Leyland(8)               Under the White Ensign

2002  Garry Cutt(2)        Grimethorpe(4)           The New Colonial

2003  Phillip McCann(2)    Sellers Engineering      The Waltonian

2004  Phillip McCann(3)    Sellers Engineering(2)   March Jubilee

2005  Allan Ramsay         Scottish Co-op           Keighley Moor

2006  Richard Evans(9)     Brighouse & Rastrick     The New Colonial(2)

2007  Richard Evans(10)    Brighouse & Rastrick(2)  Blaze Away

2008  Alan Morrison        Brighouse & Rastrick(3)  The Thin Red Line

2009  Richard Evans(11)    Brighouse & Rastrick(4)  Where Our Flag Waves

2010  Philip Harper        Leyland(9)               The Wizard(2)

2011  Richard Evans(12)    Leyland(10)              Imperial Echoes(2)