Most successful bands at the 'areas'

20 Mar 2011

As the 2011 area contest series concludes, let's look at the most successful bands in the top section since the series started in 1945.


It will be no surprise to anyone that Reg Vardy (formerly Ever Ready) has the most wins.  Despite not actually winning their first title until 1968, by which time several other bands were already in double figures for titles won, Reg Vardy has completed dominated the North of England area since breaking their duck and this year claimed their 33rd title in the last 44 years.


One or two serial winners from the past are no longer in the top flight (e.g. Parc & Dare) and some no longer exist (CWS Manchester, Sun Life, etc) but it is notable just how many of this year's area champions have always been dominant.  For example, no fewer than SEVEN of this year's area winners are in the top 14 most successful bands of all-time! (the odd one out? - Woodfalls, with 4 wins)


Those bands with 10 or more Championship Section area titles are as follows:


33 wins - Reg Vardy

28 - Cory

21 - Virtuosi GUS

20 - Camborne Town

19 - Co-operative Funeralcare

18 - Black Dyke,  Brighouse & Rastrick, Foden's

15 - Parc & Dare, Exchange Communications Whitburn

14 - CWS Manchester, Sun Life, Desford Colliery, Redbridge Brass

13 - Morris Concert, Fairey

11 - Crookhall Bradley, Grimethorpe Colliery

10 - St Dennis, Hanwell, Tredegar